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Plastics Recycling

EEI Recycling, Inc. We are a Veteran Owned and Operated Corporation since 1990, working with generators, collectors, intermediate and final processors, tollers, MRF's, transporters, equipment suppliers, and end-users in developing and implementing post-consumer and post-industrial plastics recycling programs.

Our involvement can cover the following areas:

  • Brokers (buy-sell)
  • Project Administrators
  • Agents (buy or sell on commission)
  • Consultants (time-charge or as part of brokering or agent agreement)
  • Technical Consulting Services (PVC or Vinyl recycle compound formulation, compounding, outside technical service, project and process development)
  • Manufacturer's representatives
  • Recycling content certification (e.g. Green Cross and Green Seal)
  • Cryogenic Pulverization with truckload blending availability
  • Toll chop, shred, grinding, cleaning and washing facility available for projects
  • Specific Density Separation
  • Purchase and Sell used plastic machinery
  • New water baths, vacuum tanks, and pullers of all sizes
  • Custom built machinery
We deal in all types of normal recovered thermoplastic and engineering grade plastics including scrap, reclaim, purgings, regrind, repro, off- or wide-specification, and obsolete inventories. We are very active in moving certifiable "recycled" materials such as the following:

Post-Consumer Plastic Reclaims
(Intended use has been fulfilled)

  • Bottles (HDPE milk, PET soda, PEN medical, PVC shampoo, PP food, PC water)
  • Bags (LDPE, HDPE, PP)
  • Construction material and demo debris (PVC & CPVC pipe, PVC foamed white and mixed color trimboard, sheet and parts, PE pipe, wire & cable, PVC siding, PC and acrylic sheet and sign, UHMW-PE parts, fluff, shaving, pig tales from machining sheet).
  • Packaging (PVC blister, LDPE/LLDPE film, PP and PET strapping)
  • Containers (HDPE, PP, PS), Buckets, Pots, Etc.
  • Crates (HDPE)
  • Drums and IBC's (HMW-PE)
  • Ocean Plastics (1-7)
  • Toys (HDPE, LDPE)
  • Foam (PE, PP, PU, PS)
  • Agricultural Mulch, Fumigation and Nursery Film (LDPE, LLDPE, MDPE etc.)
  • 2.5, 5 & 6 Gallon Water Bottles (PC, PVC & PET)
  • White Goods, Computer Housing (ABS, PVC, PC/ABS, PA)

    Post-Industrial Reclaims
    (requires substantial processing for reuse, otherwise landfilled)

  • Thermoset scrap
  • Commingled or contaminated thermoplastic or engineering grade scrap
  • Sump/pond material (wet or dry)
  • Contaminated floor sweeps
We take pride in finding new applications and markets for both post-consumer and industrial reclaim plastics that are currently targeted for disposal. We are focused principally on the U.S. market but also have excellent overseas and export contacts.

Please contact us if you would like assistance in developing a successful
post-consumer or post-industrial plastics recycling program.

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